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Optimara® Self Watering Wells

ptimara Self-Watering Wells take the guesswork out of watering plants. Choose from three different sizes to accommodate pot sizes up to 4 inches. Each includes Optimara's patented Wicklock for precise watering. As an extra convenience, all of these self-watering wells can be ordered with or without a pot.

To select the correct self-watering device for your plant, check the bottom of the pot to determine its size. Pot size may be shown in either inches or centimeters. However, if you are unable to locate the pot size, you can still determine the pot size by measuring the diameter at the top of the pot. All Optimara self-watering wells are designed to fit the three most popular pot sizes. If yours is not one of these, we recommend including the optional pot with your order. Remember, when repotting, always go to the next larger pot size.



Optimara MaxiWell®
The self-watering MaxiWell is designed for standard-sized African Violets in 4-inch pots (10 cm).

Optimara MaxiWell with Greystone 4-inch Pot
(Item# MXGP1) $5.99 each



Optimara WaterShip
The new Optimara WaterShip is Optimara's newest innovation in self-watering products. Like the MidWell, it was designed for Miniature Violets in 2-inch pots (5.5 cm), but the Optimara WaterShip has an extra feature that makes it virtually spill-proof. Perfect for Violets that might be within reach of pets or small children.

Optimara WaterShip with 2-inch Pot
(Item# WSP01) $4.99 each



Optimara MiniWell®
The Optimara MiniWell is the classic self-watering device for Super Miniature Violets. To prevent overwatering and underwatering, it's a must for any serious collector of Super Miniatures. Designed to fit Super Miniature Violets in a 1-inch pot (3.7 cm).

Optimara MiniWell with 1-inch Pot
(Item# MWP01) $4.50 each






Optimara Watermaid®
The Watermaid is an economical and time-proven, self-watering system. Its functional design accomodates pot sizes up to 5-1/2 inches and will keep your plants watered for much as 2 weeks. Perfect for plants lovers with busy schedules.

Optimara Watermaid -- TerraCotta
(Item# WMT01) $5.99 each

Optimara Watermaid -- Green
(Item# WMT01) $5.99 each


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