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Miniature Poinsettias - Shipping now though the middle of December 2019

2” Mini Poinsettias are beautiful as home decor where there is limited space. These are seasonal items with limited availability from early November through the middle of December.


Miniature Poinsettia

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Optimara® Miniature Poinsettias
Each order order includes 4 Miniature Poinsettias grown and shipped in 2-inch pots. Optimara Miniature Pointsettias are available with either the new self-watering Optimara WaterShip or just in a plain 2" pot.

Set of 4 Miniature Poinsettias with
self-watering MiniWells
(Item# SPW04) Sale! $39.99

Set of 4 Miniature Poinsettias without
Self-watering Optimara WaterShip
(Item# SP004) Sale! $33.99

Having a party? Want to give a Miniature Poinsettia to all of your family and friends? Huge savings are yours for all party pack orders.

20 Mini Poinsettias Party pack WITH
self-watering Optimara WaterShip
(Item# PPPWS20) Sale! $149.99



20 Mini Poinsettias Party pack WITHOUT
self-watering Optimara WaterShip.
(Item# PPP20) Sale! $119.99



Mini Poinsettias in Striped Ornaments
Set of 4 different beautiful self-watering ceramic ornaments in 4 different striped colors with metallic finish.




Mini Poinsettias

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Miniature Poinsettias in White Bulb Vase
Set of 4 mini Poinsettias in elegant self-watering white bulb shaped vases.

Set of 4: Sale! $39.99
(Item # CP226)


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