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Optimara fertilizers

All Optimara fertilizers are formulated with the highest quality, technical grade elements. Secondary and trace elements are chelated so that they can be absorbed by your plant's roots. No urea is ever used, and because Optimara fertilizers are 100% water-soluble, your plants will always get the most from their nutrients. All Optimara fertilizers can be mixed for spray-misting.


African Violet Fertilizer

Optimara Violet Food 14-12-14
More than 500 top international prizes have been awarded to Violets grown with this fertilizer, including four 1st-Place Prizes at the prestigious Grand International Horticultural Competition. Each box contains 15 pre-measured pouches. Mixed with water, each pouch produces one gallon of Violet Food.

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Optimara Violet Food 14-12-14
(Item# VF015) $6.99 per box



Optimara Miniature Plant Food Concentrates
Optimara Miniature Plant Food Concentrated Liquid Fertilizer is ideal for the Special Needs of Miniature House Plants. It features the following benefits:

  • Just add 1 drop for Miniaures in the Optimara WaterShip or MiniWell; 8 to 10 drops per quart.
  • Provides proper balance essential nutrients and secondary elements, while maintaining correct EC and pH levels
  • Fuller, Longer-Lasting Blooms:Vigorous Roots and Foliage.
  • Contains No Urea, so it can not case root burn to the delicate roots of your Miniature Plants.

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Optimara Mini Plant Food Conc. (Item# MINIF1) $6.99 per box



Optimara Plant Food 20-5-10
This all-purpose fertilizer has been formulated especially for green foliage plants to enhance color, revitalize growth and put "perk" back into leaves and stems. Each box contains 10 pre-measured pouches to make a total of 10 gallons of plant food.

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Optimara Plant Food 20-5-10 (Item# PF010) $6.99 per box





Mini African Violet Fertilizer

Loose-Fill and Bulk-Packed Optimara Fertilizers
For increased savings, Optimara Violet Food and Plant Food can be ordered in bulk. Only available through select vendors like

Violet Food, 20 Strips (Item# VF100) $16.99


Mini African Violet Fertilizer

Optimara Violet Food 14-12-14 By The Tub:
Each tub holds one full pound of fertilizer and comes with an easy-to-use measuring spoon.

Violet Food, 1-lb Tub (Item# VF500) $19.95


Plant Fertilizer

Optimara Plant Food 20-5-10 By The Tub:
Each tub holds one full pound of fertilizer and comes with an easy-to-use measuring spoon.

Plant Food, 1-lb Tub (Item# PF500) $19.95


Selecting the Correct Fertilizer for African Violets

A good African Violet fertilizer, or Violet Food, will include approximately equal amounts of the primary nutrients, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)*. These nutrients, or NPK, will normally be shown on the front of the fertilizer label. An example might be 14-12-14. However, if you do not find the NPK on the front of the label, they will always be listed under the "Guaranteed Analysis", which is required for every registered fertilizer.

In regard to the primary nutrients, one of the most important things you will be looking for is the source of the nitrogen. Lower grade fertilizers typically use urea as a source for their nitrogen. While urea is a very cheap source for nitrogen, it can also be very unhealthy for many varieties of flowering plants. In African Violets, for instance, urea nitrogen is known to cause root burn, which hinders a Violet's ability to properly absorb water and nutrients. Avoid fertilizers that contain urea nitrogen. The fertilizer may be a few cents more, but both you and your Violets will be happier with the results.

Among the other important factors to look for, make sure your fertilizer has chelated elements. Again, you will find this information on the Guaranteed Analsyis. Chelating is particularly important for your fertilizer's secondary and micronutrients, such as magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc. Without chelation, these elements would not be available for absorption by your plants.

Finally, make sure your African Violet fertilizer is fully water-soluble. This is important, because plants absorb all their nutrients through osmosis. Thus, if the fertilizer is not fully-dissolving, your Violets will not be absorbing all the nutrients they could be.

* Potassium (K) is often listed as Potash.


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