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6" Ceramic Vases and Self Water Pots

Enhance your 6" Violet or 6" Begonia with one of our ceramic vases available in array of beautiful designs. Most of them are self-watering, meaning the plant draws up the water through felt wicks. Simple and convenient!


Self-watering ceramic vase
Showing both the Garland Design (right) and Curved Design (left)

"Recent Past" Ceramic Vase (Garland Design)
Self-watering vase
(Item # 60661G) $14.99 each vase

"Recent Past" Ceramic Vase (Curved Design)
Self-watering vase
(Item # 60661C) $14.99 each vase


6 inch White Self-water pot

Classic White Ceramic Over Pot
Simply place your six inch Violet or Begonia directly into this beautiful white vase for an elegant display.
(Note: This is not a self-watering pot)

(Item # 60621) $14.99 each pot


Assorted Ceramic vases

Ceramic Pot Cover in Assorted Colors
Just look at these beautiful and elegant designs! Elegant floral patterns are an excellent compliment for your six inch pot sized Afican Violet.
(Note: This is not a self-watering pot)

You can specify your preferred pot design in the "notes" section of the PayPal checkout process and we will try to honor your request.

(Item # 60620) $14.99 each pot


Antique sage green self-water pots

Antique Sage Green Ceramic Vase, Self watering
This elegant 4 inch pot has a touch of old world charm to it. In additional to looking good, it's highly functional as a self-watering pot.

(Item #62612) $14.99 each pot


Finished Ceramic Pot Covers

Finished Ceramic Pot Covers
You have four color choices for these pretty 6 inch pots: Blue Brushed, Mint Green, Yellow Brushes, and Lilac Brushed. Choose your color from the drop down menu and then click add to cart.

(Item #60645G, Y, L, B) $14.99 each pot



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