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Beautiful African Violets for Gifts or Home

African Violets are one of America's favorite flowering houseplant. Choose from the amazing EverFloris variety with it's non-stop blooms, our miniature violets or our standard sized African Violets. All of our African violets are genuine Optimara brand violets grown in the company greenhouses in Nashville Tennessee.

Mini Poinettias have arrived!  


6 inch Violets


Intelligent Light

Six Inch African Violets


Itelligent Plant Light

Introducing our newest line of African Violet. Tired of 4 inch potted Violets? Then you will love our new 6 inch Violets. These African Violets are huge! Single and bi-color flowers are available, choose yours today! click here.


Introducing our unique African Violet lighting solution, the intelligent plant light. Excellent for desks and small tables. The stem adjusts from 4" - 12" high. Light turns on and off automatically. click here to purchase yours.


EverFloris Violets

Miniature Violets

EverFloris African Violets


Miniature African Violets

The EverFloris series is comprised entirely of African Violets that have been developed from the Space Violet program. They’re bigger and easier to grow, with larger, fuller blooms that flower continuously. click here.


Minature African Violets make a unique gift for family, friends of yourself. Small and free-flowering, these small plants give a large reward. Click here to see our full line of Mini's.


Optimara Violets


Optimara Fertilizer

African Violets


Carnivorous Plants, Sarracina — North American Pitcher Plants

These are genuine Optimara Violets, developed and grown at the world-famous Holtkamp Greenhouses. Each order includes either 3 or 8 beautiful African Violets in bloom, individually-selected from over 150 of Optimara's most popular varieties. Click here to order yours.


Optimara African Violet food is one of the best fertilizers around. The highest quality ingredients and research went into producing this world class fertilizer. Click here to get yours today.


Water Wells


Ceramic Pots

Water Wells



Optimara Self-Watering Wells take the guesswork out of watering plants. Choose from three different sizes to accommodate pot sizes up to 4 inches. Click here to view our selection.


We have a vareity of beautiful ceramic pots that are specially designed for African Violets. These pots allow for easy watering and ensure the soil is evenly moist. Click here to see out selection. NEW! Click here to see our new 6 inch African Violet ceramic pot selections.


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Mini Violet Sets

Mini African Violet Set

Miniature Violets in Blue/White Vases

Set of 4 Optimara® Genuine 2" Miniature Violets in self-watering vases

Sale!: $35.95
List price: $39.95

Miniature Violet
Party Packs
Optimara African Violet and Plant Food Fertilizer

Try a 30, 60, 90 or 120 Party Pack of Miniature violets for your wedding, anniversary or other special occasion!
Starting at $149.95 per 30 set
For more options click here


African Violet

EverFloris African Violet

This new color, purple is a stunning variety which will be a brilliant addition to your collection or to give as a gift to that special someone.

Sale! $29.95
List Price: $34.95